What you will learn - Apis Mellifera Beekeeping Course

Apis Mellifera
Beekeeping Course
by Amazing Bees
Apis Mellifera
Beekeeping Course
by Amazing Bees
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What you will learn

About this course
What you will learn from this course

Life cycle of bees

Anatomy of a worker bee

Subspecies of European Honeybees in Australia

Composition of a bee colony

Beekeeping Rules and Regulations

Irresponsible Beekeeping

Beekeeper Registration in Victoria

Hive Inspection
- What to look for in a hive
- How often do I inspect the hive

Honey Extraction

Major parts of beekeeping, Beekeeping principles

- How to capture a swarm
- Swarm prevention and control

Relocating Bees

Queen Replacement

Winter preparation and Feeding Bees

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